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    All Things Considered, May 31, 2002
    Home entertainment reviewer Bruce Kluger highlights three new DVD releases that
    came out this week: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, a special edition of
    Memento and a four-disc collection of the entire Rambo series. Kluger says Harry
    Potter is kid-friendly, Memento is a complicated mystery and Rambo is, well,
    complete. And Kluger points out that the DVD has arrived—the DVD industry now
    says thirty percent of homes have a player.

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    Children Jot Questions, Hopes in Letters to Obama
    All Things Considered, August 22, 2009
    When author Bruce Kluger sent out a call to friends and relatives for letters to
    President Obama from children, his request went viral. In six weeks, he ended up
    with more than 1,000 responses, from kids ages 4 to 18 from 29 states in all
    regions of the country. Kluger and his co-author, David Tabatsky, picked almost
    200 of the submitted letters and drawings, and published them in a collection called
    Dear President Obama.

    In Defense of 'Baby Einstein'
    Talk of the Nation, August 15, 2007
    The baby video industry was challenged this month when a study showed that
    videos such as Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby don't make kids smarter—and might
    even cause some harm. Bruce Kluger, DVD reviewer for Parenting magazine, says
    he finds the study unconvincing.

    Fathers As Primary Caretakers
    Talk of the Nation, June 14, 2001
    A new study says one out of four single parents raising kids, is a father. But do
    single dads get the support they need? On the next Talk of the Nation, Juan
    Williams talks with all kinds of fatherssingle, married, divorced—about the
    changing state of fatherhood.