Memories of a Lost Snuggle
Our time with our children is as precious as moonlight—and
just as fleeting.
By Bruce Kluger, September 2000

Sick Day
I had a wonderful experience this afternoon. Too bad my
kid had to be sick for me to enjoy it.
By Bruce Kluger, June 2000

Dispatch from Ladyville
When my second daughter was born, I officially became
outnumbered. I began answering the phone,
“House o’ Chicks, how can I help you?”
By Bruce Kluger, June 2000

Mother's Day 2000
Today’s mom is the ultimate multi-tasker—and it’s up to us,
the dads, to honor her.
By Bruce Kluger, May 2000

Daddy's Bill of Rights
As my identity reshapes itself around the concept of
fatherhood, I'm losing touch with many of those things that
make a Daddy a Daddy in the first place.
By Bruce Kluger, March 2000

Bridgette and Bill
Isn’t it easier to walk our children through the minefield of
the modern world, rather than lock them away from it?
By Bruce Kluger, February 2000

Flamenco Girl
The big picture: You never really know what’s going to jazz
your kids until you give it a try.
By Bruce Kluger, November 1999