A Graduation Reflection
    6.18.13 Bruce Kluger
    Across America this month, parents are once
    again attending cap-and-gown ceremonies
    as they escort their children another click
    down the road that will one day lead them out
    of our lives. And once again I have to ask
    myself, has it all been worth it?

    Dick Cheney: The No-Apologies Rap
    3.18.13 Bruce Kluger
    The response to the new documentary film,
    The World According to Dick Cheney, has
    been nearly unanimous. Critics agree that
    while it is meticulous and exhaustive, it's
    missing one crucial element: contrition on the
    part of the subject himself. “If you want to be
    loved,” Cheney says on camera at one point,
    “go be a movie star.” Some things never

    America's Bully
    1.9.13 Bruce Kluger
    In just the past 16 years, the American
    Family Association—whose mission is to rid
    the nation of “ungodliness and depravity”—
    has sprayed its venomous indignation like
    buckshot, boycotting any group that bears
    the faintest whiff of gay inclusion. But last
    month, it crossed the line when it chose a
    new and more defenseless kind of victim:

    Where Are the Heroes?
    10.19.12 Bruce Kluger
    When I recall the things I admired most about
    my childhood heroes, I’m reminded that,
    these days, we’re far less discriminating
    about what constitutes heroism. Yet don't we
    encounter heroes, up close, every day? Isn’t
    there someone in all of our lives whose
    character imprints on us the same awe we
    feel when we read about patriotic glory?

    Obama vs. Romney...vs. Seamus?!
    10.03.12 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Tonight, President Obama and Mitt Romney
    will face off in their first debate. But a third,
    unspoken participant will be looming over the
    proceedings: Seamus, the beleaguered Irish
    Setter, who 29 years ago took that infamous
    car trip with the Romney clan...

    The Ryan-Romney Express
    8.11.12 Bruce Kluger
    NORFOLK, Va. — Republican Mitt Romney
    anointed Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, an
    ardent conservative and devoted budget
    cutter, as his vice presidential running mate
    on Saturday, and the two men immediately
    embarked on a tour of  battleground states...

    Colorado and Warner Bros. Can Help
    Change Gun Laws
    7.27.12 Bruce Kluger
    The state of Colorado and Warner Bros.
    studio have unwittingly found themselves at
    the center or another tragic shooting. Can
    they pool their considerable resources and,
    once and for all, help to stem the gun
    violence that continues to plague America?

    The GOP's War on Children
    5.23.12 Bruce Kluger
    As in most election years, noisy battles have
    been raging as the nation’s political armies
    gear up for what promises to be an even
    noisier fall. This means we’ll continue to hear
    about the many “wars” America is currently
    engaged in—from “the war on terror” to “the
    war on Wall Street.” But another aggressive
    fight has been brewing just beneath the
    radar, and it's one that involves our kids.

    Bullying in America: A National Crisis
    1.26.12 Bruce Kluger
    Two days after Christmas, a 15-year-old
    Staten Island girl threw herself in front of a
    bus, in yet another shocking incident of
    bullying-related suicide. That this tragedy is
    now considered a textbook example of
    today's bullying epidemic speaks both to the
    depth of the crisis and our failed efforts to
    curb it. This is a problem without a solution...

    9/11: The American Family Survives
    9.7.11 Bruce Kluger
    Ten years ago, 19 men in four jets tore a
    fiery hole in history and, in doing so, dealt a
    staggering blow to our national family. But I'd
    like to believe that, like the closest of families,
    we have demonstrated a remarkable
    resiliencean ability to bicker and cohere, to
    bellow and console, to raise fists and join

    Amy Winehouse: A Lesson For Kids
    7.25.11 Bruce Kluger
    The death of singer Amy Winehouse, 27,
    came as no surprise, given her long history
    of substance abuse—though as a parent, I
    feel like I dodged a bullet. Winehouse's
    notoriously dangerous lifestyle didn't appeal
    to my kids, so I never had to worry about
    them adopting her as some kind of a
    revolutionary role model. But I wonder about
    those countless other cultural influences that
    rain down on their heads every day...

    DSK Shocker!
    7.1.11 Bruce Kluger
    The shocking new revelations about the hotel
    maid at the center of the Dominique Strauss-
    Kahn story are about to get even more
    shocking. Tomorrow morning, the New York
    Post will reveal an exclusive report about the
    housekeeper's ties to international terrorism.
    While details of the story have yet to be
    released, here's a sneak peek at the paper's
    front page....

    Happy Father's Gay
    6.19.11 Bruce Kluger
    Here's a remarkable Father's Day video,
    courtesy of the inventive mind of Clay
    Weiner. No preamble is neededit pretty
    much speaks for itself. Happy Father's Day,

    Has America Lost That Loving
    6.14.11 Bruce Kluger
    I recently reconnected with an old friend on
    Facebook, and confessed to her a long-kept
    secret: that I'd been in love with
    seventh grade. Although I'm happily married,
    the incident made me wonder: Is passion
    always around us—alive and pulsing—and
    we’re just too distracted to see it? In other
    words, as the old song goes, where is love?...

    In Christina's Memory
    1.13.11 Bruce Kluger
    Of all the tragedies that befell Tucson last
    Saturday, the one that seemed to tear most
    deeply at the heart of our nation was the
    murder of nine-year-old Christina-Taylor
    Green. If there was one splinter of hope that
    arose from this child's appalling death, it was
    to remind our leaders about their moral
    obligation to the children of America...

    Not All Earmarks Are Evil
    12.29.10 Bruce Kluger
    Will the current political posturing over
    Congresssional earmarks upend America's
    efforts to improve our kids' literacy and, in
    the process, make for a stronger and better
    educated nation? Author and public policy
    provocateur Steve Cohen explores the
    faceoff between doing what's politically
    expedient, and doing what's right...

    What is Marlo Thomas Up to Now?
    8.25.10 Bruce Kluger
    First she showed women they could be
    independent. Then she showed kids that
    they were “Free to Be…” Then she launched
    a campaign to save children's lives. What on
    earth could she be up to now? Coming this
    fall… Share. Laugh.

    Tweeting American
    8.19.10 Bruce Kluger
    We now live in a culture in which electronic
    town squares like Twitter demand that we
    sum up our thoughts and feelings in 140
    characters or less; in which politicians boil
    down their constituents’ complicated needs
    into terse, feel-good platitudeswhen, in
    fact, reality is a lot more long-winded...

    Terrorism in Times Square
    5.5.10 Bruce Kluger
    This week, an unsuccessful car-bombing
    drew crowds and rattled nerves in
    Manhattan's Times Square. But for locals, it
    was business as usual. Especially after 9/11,
    we New Yorkers know we're America's canary
    in the coal mine—and we wouldn't have it any
    other way...

    Republicans, Heal Thyselves!
    3.14.2010 Bill Persky and Bruce Kluger
    After a year of contentious infighting, bitter
    feuds and stalled legislation, President
    Obama has taken a new tack in his attempt
    to achieve bipartisanship on Capitol Hill,
    forcing face-to-face negotiations with his
    staunchest critics. But perhaps there’s an
    easier solution. Maybe if the president and
    his enemies met in the self-help aisle of a
    well-stocked bookstore in D.C., they could
    finally find a way to dialogue...

    In the Closet...Still!
    3.3.2010 Bruce Kluger
    About a year ago, I posted a link to a "video
    op-ed" on YouTube created by musician
    John Forster, whose talent for sharp and
    timely comedy is matched only by his
    doggedness in fighting the good fight. Now
    John's going after America's mind-bogglingly
    dumb "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy...

    Making His List, Checking It Twice
    12.23.2009 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Just when Barack Obama thought his
    toughest decisions were behind him—his
    Afghanistan strategy, tackling unemployment,
    what to say to Tiger Woods if he calls—now
    he has to draw up a Christmas gift list. What
    will the current “decider” decide to give this
    season…to both the naughty and the nice?...

    Hot Air in Copenhagen?
    12.12.2009 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    As scientists, environmental experts and all
    manner of government officials descend on
    Denmark for the 2009 Copenhagen Climate
    Conference, the question remains: do the
    conscientious congregants have an actual
    plan of actionor are they just a windy
    gaggle of greenhouse gasbags?

    Persky on Technology
    11.2.2009 Bruce Kluger
    I can't think of a better way to start a new
    week than with a good laugh. Permit me to
    share a wonderful piece by legendary writer-
    producer-director Bill Persky (Kate & Allie,
    The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl) on
    modern technology. It appears in the today's
    edition of USA Today..

    LettermanGate: One Week Later
    10.8.2009 Bruce Kluger
    For all the breathless media attention
    devoted to David Letterman's bizarre sex-
    and-extortion saga, here's what I find most
    compelling: that Letterman successfully
    navigated his way through three explosive
    crises—personal, professional and legal—
    by simply telling the truth.

    Talk About Bad Manners
    9.16.2009 Bruce Kluger
    Like most parents, I try to help my children
    learn to be decent and civil, and to guide
    them to goodness. But for the past seven
    days, I’ve felt like putting my foot through my
    Sony Trinitronbecause every time I turn it,
    some idiot is undermining my lesson plan with
    yet another exhibition of bad manners

    Drawing Inspiration
    7.26.2009 Bruce Kluger
    Who said the voting ended last November?
    Entrepreneur Magazine has announced the
    five finalists for its Entrepreneur of 2009
    Award. Please excuse the midsummer
    lobbying, but I urge you to cast your vote for
    Peter Reynolds, the award-winning author
    and illustrator and founder of FableVision…

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