Dick Cheney:  Devil's Spawn
A new book takes a hard look at the youthful hi-jinks of our
quick-shootin' Veep.
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
Alternet.org, April 25, 2008

Cartoon Madness
MediaCulture: Christian conservatives classically over-reached
when they launched their amphibious assault on SpongeBob
SquarePants—and harpooned themselves squarely in the foot.
By Bruce Kluger
Alternet.org, January 26, 2005

Lessons from Watergate
The deaths of two Watergate figures invoke a predictable
spate of nostalgia. But in today's divided country, the actions
of Sam Dash and Archibald Cox under Nixon represent a
commendable pursuit of truth.
By Bruce Kluger
Alternet.org, June 2, 2004

Reading the Tea Leaves
A satirical look at the myriad clues available to the government
in advance of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
Alternet.org, April 30, 2004

On the Road with Dubya
Movie Mix: Journeys with George, an intimate look at Bush on
the campaign trail, documents the transition from plain-spoken
good old boy to slippery statesman.
By Bruce Kluger
Alternet.org, March 4, 2004

Reagan Reconsidered, Again
The HBO adaptation of Tony Kushner's 'Angels in America' is
a harsh indictment of Reagan's handling of the AIDS epidemic.
So why has the right wing remained silent?
By Bruce Kluger
Alternet.org, December 7, 2003


Return to 9/11
Oliver Stone's World Trade Center recalls the solidarity of post-
9/11 America—something we've tragically forgotten.
By Bruce Kluger (reprinted from
USA Today)
Alternet.org, August 11, 2006

A Dialogue with Donahue
Phil Donahue got bounced off the air for his anti-war opinions,
and he's not ready to make peace just yet.
By Bruce Kluger (reprinted from
Time Out New York)
Alternet.org, January 6, 2006