A Father's Day Story
    6.20.2009 Bruce Kluger
    If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s
    unfinished stories. Which is why it's
    especially frustrating to me every June when I
    think of my father on Father’s Day, and once
    again confront the great unfinished story that
    was our relationship.

    Just When You Thought It Was Safe
    5.22.2009 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    He's baaaa-aaack! Up from the primordial
    ooze from whence he sprangand fresh
    from an extended vacay at Club Med Hades
    (wake- and water-boarding included!)
    comes Dick Cheney, aka Dick the Impaler,
    our grumbling, bumbling, behated former President.

    From the Mouths of Babes
    5.15.2009 Bruce Kluger
    It's always rewarding to have one's efforts
    recognized. But I was especially touched to
    read an essay in this morning's Daily Kos, in
    which writer Michael Raysses gave a warm
    nod to my new book (co-authored with David
    Tabatsky), Dear President Obama: Letters of
    Hope From Children Across America...

    On Heroism and Falling Eggs
    5.2.2009 Bruce Kluger
    Will Rogers once noted, ""We can't all be
    heroes, because somebody has to sit on the
    curb and applaud when they go by." To that
    end, I found myself doing some seriously
    attentive curb-sittingand applauding
    when I read writer Michael Raysees' latest
    column in Vision magazine...

    A Proud Day in Lincoln, Nebraska
    4.27.2009 Bruce Kluger
    A few weeks ago I posted here about my new
    book, Dear President Obama: Letters of
    Hope from Children Across America. I
    commented that my co-author, David
    Tabatsky, and I were crossing our fingers
    that good things came from the bookand
    not just in terms of sales. Well, last week one
    of those wonderful things happened...

    Zombie Bank!
    4.22.2009 Bruce Kluger
    According to Wikipedia, a zombie bank is "a
    financial institution with an economic net
    worth that is less than zero, but which
    continues to operate because its ability to
    repay its debts is shored up by implicit or
    explicit government credit support." Okay.
    You can digest all that eco-mumbo-jumbo;
    but for a much more engaging description....

    Three Reasons to Buy My Book
    4.17.2009 Bruce Kluger
    Like any author, I would love to see my new
    book, Dear President Obama: Letters of
    Hope From Children Across America,
    become a hit. After all, who wouldn't want a
    bestseller? But there are three other reasons
    my co-author, David Tabatsky, and I would
    like you to consider picking up a copy of the
    bookreasons that became apparent only
    when the kids' letters first started pouring in

    The Book on Cancer
    3.17.2009 Bruce Kluger
    When Taylor Gettinger, a high school junior
    from Dwight, Illinois, learned that she had
    brain cancer, it seemed as if the entire
    community showed up to support her. Taylor
    recalls this experience in the new Chicken
    Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book: 101
    Stories of Courage, Support & Love...

    OMG! A New Attack Ad?!
    11.9.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Tuesday's election brought down the final
    curtain not only on a grueling, two-year
    presidential campaign, but also on a noisy
    season of political advertisingnotably, the
    endless torrent of attack ads. Think we're
    done with all that for a few years? Not by a
    long shot...

    Election Day: Let's Go to the Tape!
    11.04.2008 Bruce Kluger
    For all the Maalox moments of this raucous
    roller-coaster of a campaign season, one
    thing can be said of the American people:
    We sure know how to make each other
    laugh. More than once during the election
    season, my spirits were lifted by some rare
    glimmers of video genius, many of them
    downright hilarious...

    Give Bachmann the Boot!
    10.20.2008 Bruce Kluger
    On Friday, October 17th, 2008, Rep. Michele
    Bachmann (R-MN) made the following
    comment on national television to Chris
    Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball: “I wish
    the American media would take a great look
    at the views of the people in Congress and
    find out: Are they pro-America or anti-

    I Want My Joe TV!
    10.17.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Sometimes those notorious 15 minutes of
    fame turn into a lifetimeor, at the very
    least, an hour-long chunk of primetime
    television. Click the arrow below to hear a
    promo for America's most promising new
    candidate for TV stardom...

    Oh, Henry!
    09.26.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    As America faces her most calamitous
    economic crisis since the Great Depression,
    she seeks salvation not from some geeky
    bean-counter, but from a real macho money
    maven. Enter Henry Paulson: The 700-Billion-
    Dollar Man!

    Dick Cheney Exposed! (Again.)
    09.16.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    With the release of his new book, Angler:
    The Cheney Vice Presidency, Pulitzer Prize-
    winning Washington Post reporter Barton
    Gellman has lifted a dark veil from Bush
    presidency, confirming what we already
    knew, yet were probably too depressed to
    admit: that over the course of eight years,
    Vice President Dick Cheney has repeatedly
    and recklessly seized the reigns of the Bush
    Administration, in the process upending
    many of the fundamental freedoms of
    American democracy.

    Steps of Another Man's House
    09.12.2008 Bruce Kluger
    And now for something completely different.
    Click the image below to see a music video
    from award-winning composer-lyricist David
    Yazbek, from his new album, Evil Monkey
    Man. The song is called "Steps of Another
    Man's House," and the remarkable animation
    was done by filmmaker Onur Tukel. Will
    watching the video change the world?
    Probably not. But it's thoughtful and lovely,
    and beats the hell out of watching one more
    clip of Sarah Palin trying to sound Vice

    A Long Way From Birmingham
    08.21.2008 Bruce Kluger
    Their names were Denise, Carole, Cynthia
    and Addie Mae, and 45 years ago next
    month, on an overcast morning in
    Birmingham, Alabama, their lives were taken
    as they prepared for a Sunday school
    program. A dynamite bomb, planted by local
    thugs from the Ku Klux Klan, exploded
    outside the basement of the city’s 16th Street
    Baptist Church, killing the girls instantly and
    tearing an irreparable hole in the American

    Laughter and the '08 Campaign
    07.22.2008 Bruce Kluger
    In discussing the 2008 election last week, Jon
    Stewart cracked jokes about orphans, Viagra
    and prehistoric monsters. God, I love politics.
    As someone who moonlights as a satirist, I’m
    intrigued by the ever-merging traffic on the
    election news highway, as the campaign bus
    brigade bumps along just ahead of the
    tailgating funny cars...

    Will You Watch the Olympics?
    07.14.2008 Bruce Kluger
    As the 2008 Olympics in Beijing grow closer,
    global protests continue to swell. Decrying
    China's policies on Darfur and Tibet, as well
    as its notorious oppression of human rights,
    activists worldwide are keeping up the
    pressure on the Games' sponsors, most
    recently holding rallies outside of the
    corporate headquarters for Coca-Cola,
    Swatch, Volkswagen and General Electric...

    Dick Cheney: Environmental Hazard
    07.10.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    By now, we've all read about the latest
    environmental wedgie that Vice President
    Dick Cheney has given to the world's climate.
    If you somehow missed the story, here's the
    bad news:

    Religious License
    06.21.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    South Carolina passed a law this month
    allowing it to become the first state in the
    nation to offer its citizens specialty license
    plates that carry a Christian message.
    Adorned with a stained-glass window, a cross
    and the words "I Believe," the plates are
    already inciting protests...

    It's Safe to Laugh Again!
    06.16.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Glowing words from this past weekend's
    Firedoglake Book Salon: "So here's a
    puzzler: How do you write a book about a
    vicious, evil man like Dick Cheney without
    turning it into an off-putting, angry rant? Well,
    I have read the answer, and it is called
    Young Dick Cheney: Great American..."

    Guns N' Robes
    06.5.2008 Bruce Kluger
    I've always liked Canada. Its health care
    system apparently works; its comedians are
    consistently a hoot; and, with the exception of
    that tired old bickering over Quebecois
    sovereignty that seems to erupt every few
    years, the gentle behemoth just upstairs from
    us always manages to keep a cool head in a
    hot world...

    Go Tell Hillary!
    05.27.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    With the final Democratic primaries upon us
    Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota
    the question is no longer who willemerge the
    victor, but, rather, who will have the nerve to
    tell you-know-who that the game is over?

    Speak of the Devil
    04.29.2008 Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
    Salman Rushdie knows Dickat least
    according to this item that ran in the Rush &
    Molloy column in today's New York Daily

    Music From the Heart
    04.27.2008 Bruce Kluger
    Amid the endless rattle and noisy clatter of
    the popular music industry, sometimes you
    run across a song that you just have to pass
    along. This is one of those moments. Now
    playing on iTunesand available for
    purchase on, among others, CD Baby and
    PayPlay.fmis Voices From the Hole in the
    Wall, a stunningly lovely neo-folk song
    written to benefit Paul Newman's Hole in the
    Wall Gang Camp for children with cancer and
    other serious illnesses.